Let It Sparkle

 Below is a description of our standard services that are performed on our first visit, then alternated on each  following visit.



  • Dust and tidy, clean mirrors and decorations
  • Clean light switches, light fixtures and door handles
  • Damp wipe main and closet doors, clean and tidy inside closet
  • Clean all window/door frames and tracking


  • General tidying
  • Dust/wash window sills, doors and frames, blinds, baseboards and ceiling fans/light fixtures
  • Clean sink, faucett, stove top, fridge and inside microwave
  • Clean cabinet doors and range hood
  • Empty and clean garbage bin and composter
  • Clean appliances outside-inside of fridge and stove upon request and extra charge applies
  • Cleanand organize under sink
  • Move fridge and stove, then bi-monthly. Will not move gas appliances


  • General tidying
  • Dust/clean window sills, blinds, baseboards, light fixtures and decorations
  • Clean mirrors, counters,cabinets, faucet, sink, dish soap, toothbrush holders, glasses and products
  • Thoroughly clean behind and around toilet, tub, shower stalls, shower rods and towel holders
  • Vacuum and wash floors
  • Empty and clean garbage bin


  • General tidying
  • Clean light switches, doors and handles
  • Window sills, blinds, basrboards, lamps/bulbs, celing lights and fixtures
  • Clean mirrors, shelves and decorations
  • Make bed
  • Clean and tidy closets
  • Empty and clean garbage bin
  • Vacuum and wash floors

Living/Family Room/Basement

  • General tidying
  • Clean light switches, doors/frames, windows/sills, baseboards, ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Clean mirrors and all decorations
  • Dust all furniture
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Remove cobwebs and dust bookcases and shelves
  • Detailed cleaning of fireplace
  • Vacuum and mop floors

Laundry Room

  • Clean light switches, doors/handles and frames, windows and sills
  • Clean baseboards cabinets, shelves and decorations
  • Clean counter tops, sink, faucet and appliances
  • Clean under sink
  • Empty and clean garbage bin









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